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Tent Cards

One our printing services which Guarantee that everybody at a restaurant, meeting or occasion feels extraordinary with a tent card that demonstrates where they are welcome to sit. tent cards help to add a feeling of association to swarms by telling them which space has been put aside only for them.  tent cards can likewise be utilized as clear and advantageous naming instruments for buffet things or boutique stock.
Tent cards are multi-dimensional print items that can be strategically located on tables for special purposes.

A Bit About Product

Special Instructions

The 4” x 6.25” size is achieved by folding the flat product that is 4” x 16.5” 

The 5” x 5.5” size is achieved by folding the flat product that is 5” x 16.5”

General File Preparation Guidelines

  1. Download our guides to ensure a more optimal print result.

  2. Each job (including multiple paged projects) must be submitted as a single PDF file. Ensure that all pages are the same size.

  3. Files must be submitted with proper orientation to ensure proper back up.

  4. It is best to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center.

  5. File must consist of 1/8" bleed and all important art and text must be within the safety margin.

  6. Ensure that your PDF is high res and that all images are CMYK at 300 DPI.

  7. Black type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.

  8. Embed or outline all fonts.

  9. For best colour results, supply a CMYK only files.

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