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What type of business card should I choose for my business?

One approach to make your card significant is to have it mirror your business and be locks in. Contingent upon your profession, and industry desire, you might need to keep up a more conventional plan. In case you're offering an item, control potential clients to your online shop, or show a picture of the item with a concise portrayal.

Make sure your card is scanner friendly and easy to read. Here are some other options to consider:

  • Don't place text over images, as this can be hard to read;

  • If included, keep images simple;

  • Use a clear and professional fonts

  • Make sure there's enough space between your contact information for legibility.

The same way you wouldn't walk into an important meeting without your best suit, you should make sure to avoid serious style mistakes in your business card's design. Here are some aesthetic choices to avoid:

  • Don't be Cheap: Having business cards that say 'printed free by XXX' looks unprofessional.

  • Being Unoriginal: Even if you don't have a big budget for your business card, avoid using a common template as it is less memorable and less effective.

  • Don't go for Shock Value: What you're trying to achieve is engagement and follow up. There is a different set of rules to follow for this.

  • Don't Overcrowd It: Some people choose folded business cards in order to include some extra information. This is a good option instead of crowding too much information on a regular business card.

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